Off-site Caravans

Off-site Caravans

Need a caravan
but not a site

Skegness Caravan Sales specialises in selling many static caravans both on and off site.

In the past our customers have purchased static caravans for use as:

  • Site office/tea rooms
  • Self-build projects
  • Family annex
  • Serviced sheds/kennels
  • Games room
  • Farm worker accommodation

Our After-Sales Warranty Explained

Although we do an in-depth 50-point inspection of each static caravan before it even goes to a showground, this means all of our static caravans have already been thoroughly checked and any issues fixed before they even hit the showground. There are always those unforeseen problems, however, which is why for total peace of mind we offer extensive static caravan warranties for all new and used caravans on top of these checks!

These warranties cover you for the soundness of the floors, walls and ceilings, the caravan roof and also your appliances within the caravan (the fire, boiler and cooker). It does not cover you for the overall condition of the caravan. However, due to our quality checks before the caravan is presented on a showground, all our models are shown in their best possible condition with repairs already completed. Even if on top of that you notice something at the point of sale just let us know and within reason we will put it right!

Most after sales issues occur on the first day you occupy your caravan, as the appliances etc. are unfamiliar to you. If you have any problems with lighting your boiler etc., just give your sales person a call and we will get one of our engineers to help you out and get you up and running.

Once your warranty expires do not panic if you have a problem with your caravan or if you want to make some changes to it to suit your needs. We have a great team of both independent and company engineers that can help you with any repairs and we will make sure that as an existing customer of Skegness Caravan Sales Ltd you will get a competitive price and the work done in a timely manner.