Willerby Innovations

Willerby Innovations

A leading provider of innovate modular buildings for the leisure, social & private housing sectors.

Here at The Leisure Company, we have over 25years experience and a renowned history for excellent customer service in the Holiday Home & Lodge Industry. Utilising our knowledge and expertise we are the authorised distributor for Willerby Innovations Projects in the East of England Areas (see map below).


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A division of Willerby Holiday Homes, founded in 1946, Willerby Innovations was established in East Yorkshire in 2009 as a business dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of high-quality, innovative off-site modular timber frame buildings for the leisure, social and private housing, student and key worker sectors. With almost 70 years’ experience in the industry, at Willerby we pride ourselves on providing a personal level of service and achieving exceptional results no matter how challenging or unusual the project.

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Manufacture of our modular solutions is undertaken within our specialist factory to the highest quality standards. By delivering fully-fitted modules to site, the need for diverse site trades is reduced and the programme is not compromised by adverse weather conditions; allowing occupants to move in sooner and financial returns to be maximised.

What are the benefits of Willerby Innovation Products?

  •  Our manufacturing process can reduce build time by up to 50%
  • Our factory controlled manufacturing ensures the highest build quality at all times 
  • Factory manufacture can commence in parallel to preparing sitee
  • Our off-site solution means your guests/residents can move in sooner, maximising your financial returns
  • Using the Willerby Innovations design process, buildings are manufactured to tight tolerances yielding exceptional energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and reduced running costs
  • With our integrated logistical solutions, modules are delivered ‘just-in-time’, reducing site storage requirements and improving security
  • The solution minimizes site waste and transport movements by up to 90%
  • With the highest level of off-site completion Willerby Innovations have minimized on-site safety issues
  • Our off-site method reduces the need for diverse on-site trades and associated management and timing issues
  • Deliveries and on-site vehicle movements are significantly reduced due to Willerby’s level of completeness
  • The system can eliminate the need for costly scaffolding systems
  • Our modular roofing solution can further reduce the build programme
  • Timber is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials
  • Timber is naturally energy efficient. Air pockets within timber's cellular structure create a natural barrier to heat and cold.

For further information & recent case studies please visit: www.willerbyinnovations.com