The Benefits of Owning Your Own Holiday Home


The Benefits of Owning Your Own Holiday Home.

Many people throughout the UK own a home away from home - a caravan that they like to escape to on holidays and weekends so they can relax and unwind. These holiday properties can be a lot of fun and although they are a large investment, there are many reasons why buying a holiday home is worth it. If you can make sure that you get enough usage from your caravan by visiting it on a regular basis, the benefits will far outweigh the initial cost.

Buying a static holiday home is the first step in a journey to relaxing holidays, family fun and a lifetime of great memories. The Great British Holiday is enjoying a renaissance; easy travel, the convenience factor and the cost (a single foregin break can more than cover the annual fees for a static holiday home.) And what better way to spend your holidays than in your own private retreat?
For young families the family-orientated holiday parks with a safe environment and your kids are sure to make lifelong friends. But caravan holiday parks appeal to all age groups and all lifestyles, and often have generations from the same families using the same park.

The Static Caravan:
Before you start browsing for the “one”, think about what you really Need from a new holiday home. There’s no point buying one if you are about to start a family, so work out what is realistic. Now ask yourself;
What is your budget. Finance options are available, and what is best for you.
What are my essential requirements? Number of bedrooms / room for all the family / living space.
Do I need the Caravan to have anything specific? Central Heating / Washer Dryer / Dishwasher / Front Doors / Exterior Cladding….
Size? Consider whether you need room for things such as sports equipment or a pushchair or do  you need to fit friendly Fido or your mother-in-law.
New or Pre Owned? Up to what age of caravan will the park take?
Sub letting your holiday home is a great way to cover some or all of your annual running costs.

Area and Park Location:
Purchasing your holiday home is a long term lifestyle investment so when making your holiday home choice it is wise that you know what kind of park you are looking for, depending on your lifestyle. Each park is different and can offer you very different things in terms of lifestyle, location, activities, and attractions and park facilities.
Here are just a few of the things to consider when choosing a site….
What facilities would you like to have on site?
Are you prepared to travel to find a shop or would you prefer one on site?
Would you prefer there to be a pub/ club/ entertainment on site (no driving involved) and all it’s associated activity / possible noise or would you rather travel away from the site?
Would you prefer a site run by one of the large companies or a small family run site?
Do you have a dog? Some sites do not allow dog’s, or no more than one dog.
Do you have your own transport or would you rely upon the local Railway Station/ Bus Services?
What length of season would you prefer? Some sites are open from March-October, others are open for a full 12 months. (But not residential.)
What type of area are you looking for? E.g costal, hill walking, quiet, scenic, busy……
Do you intend to hire it out?
How often will you be able to use it?
How far from home are you prepared to travel?

New vs Used:
It is possible to buy a caravan that is “built to order” whilst still under construction this enables you to choose optional extras like a choice of having double glazing or central heating fitted …..
Different sites have different selling avenues, they deal with particular dealers or have links to particular manufacturers, some will allow you to bring on your own caravan onto their site ( the latter are few and far between, and you may be subject to a charge.)
You will get a manufacture warranty, when buying a brand new caravan.

Buying Used
There is often an age restriction which varies on each site, some are 10 years maximum, others have no age restriction, so you need to find this out before going ahead with any new purchase.
Once you have decided on your budget you can actually start to view caravans, you often find you can buy a “higher spec” used caravan for the same, if not cheaper, than the price of a brand new one. It may not have factory fitted double glazing, or central heating, this could be added at a later date if the caravan is suitable, it may come with lots of extras, so its always worth weighing up what is the “best buy” for you and your family.
It is possible to modernise an older caravan, it can be done quite easily and relatively cheaply, dependant on your budget.
Also bear in mind there will be no warranty with a private sale, but there may be one if buying used from a dealer or site’s stock.

Anyone with even a limited knowledge of the retail industry will know that buying something used is cheaper than buying it new. However, while this buying process will save you money initially, maintenance costs can mount up in the long term.
If saving money is your goal, buying a brand spanking new holiday home off the factory line, is no way to put funds back in your pocket. The moment you site a shiny new model onto a plot you’ll loose money, typically £1,000’s.
If buying new you will receive the benefits of a full manufactures warranty.

Part-exchange vs Private Selling:
If you need to sell your current motorhome, tourer, or static, you have two options - either part-exchange yours at the dealership, where the dealers gives you a price and knocks it off the total cost of the caravan you are buying, or selling privately - where you list the caravan and get cash from the person who buys it. While selling your holiday home might not be something that has even crossed your mind yet it is actually quite an important thing to consider before buying a static caravan. For example knowing the holiday park rules regarding private sales is something you should definitely be clear on before signing a contract with any holiday park as all sites have different rules regarding sales. This can have a big impact on how you sell your caravan and how much you can sell it for.
Part-exchange; This can save a lot of hassle. Yes, it stops you having to advertise the caravan or deal with potential buyers, but, and this is a big but, you also won’t get as much as selling privately. Remember, the dealer will pay less than your caravans value so it can move it along at a profit. So weigh up offers carefully.
Selling Privately; This is more time consuming, but you are likely to get more for the caravan, if you are prepared to put the effort in. Options include classified listings on Gumtree (free), Autotrader ( prices from £12.99) and Motor (12-week free ad) Other options include Ebay, or Facebook.

Upfront Costs:
Once you have decided to buy a holiday home, you will of course have pay for it. You can either pay the whole cost upfront or take out a finance deal. Whichever way you choose, expect to at least pay some kind of down payment before you start holidaying.

Running Costs:
What costs are involved in owning a caravan?
Owning a static caravan is costly, there are many extra costs you need to consider.
Insurance - In a modern world, insurance is necessary on most things, particularly things as valuable as a static caravan. Insure the caravan’s full value and that of it’s content, this will provide cover and peace of mind should the worse happen.
Yearly site fees - This is effectively the rent on the plot of land upon which your caravan is sited. Site fees vary greatly between different parks and even between plots on the same park.
Monthly finance payments (if you have any)
Gas - Gas is a vital source of power to your holiday home. This is usually supplied by the bottle, unless the park has a main gas supply.
Electric - Electric is another vital source of power too, and parks will operate different rates depending on suppliers.
Gas/ Electric safety checks.
Yearly drain-down and drain-up, most caravan parks offer this service for a fee.

If you are still unsure about Holiday Home Ownership, please call and speak to one of our Product Advisers on 01754 875900.

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Willerby Vogue Lodge Video

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New Willerby Skye




The amount of seating the Skye offers allows for a night in front of the TV, or an evening entertaining friends. Every aspect to make the family feel at home has been considered, right down to the multiple USB sockets throughout the home.


Finished to a high standard, the kitchen is as good as your own with oak vinyl flooring, porcelain coloured cupboards and contrasting worktops. The fixed dinette offers plenty of room for the whole family.


Heading through the hallway to the bedrooms you’ll notice a full height storage cupboard to keep a pushchair, coats, shoes… not forgetting your bucket and spade!

When it's time to catch forty winks you can kick back in the master bedroom with a large bed and bedside tables to put your favourite holiday reads on.

Skye, The Skye Is Unique To Our Product Range And Is Crammed To The Roof With Space, Comfort, And Kit Starting At An Affordable Price.

Staycation...A tale of a booming Industry

Holiday Home Staycation a Tale of a Booming Industry

Millions of British holiday makers are abandoning plans for foreign travel and embarking on "staycations", figures show, as economists predict the trend will provide a major boost to the UK economy. Tourism boards across the UK are reporting record-breaking numbers of bookings and inquiries over the past few weeks, suggesting workers will pump billions of pounds back into the UK instead of spending their cash abroad.

Visit East Anglia said inquiries and bookings were up by around 25pc in popular resorts such as Norfolk in recent weeks, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire also reporting a sharp increase in interest.
In recent months families' plans for trips abroad are being thwarted by an amalgamation of factors which travel experts say are causing record numbers to shun the traditional "week in the sun" for a holiday on home soil.

European holidays have escalated in price as the spending power of holiday money has been savaged by the falling value of the pound, which has dropped 10pc against the euro since Britain voted to leave the EU on June 23 2016.
Another major concern is the threat of terror attacks in once-popular destinations such as Egypt, Turkey and France, as families fear for their safety. And early in January2017 holidaymakers were further spooked when around 140,000 people's pre-booked trips were thrown into chaos when travel website Lowcostholidays filed for administration. Customers were informed they would lose virtually the entire cost of their holidays, as the firm was not ATOL protected and had accepted their payments but failed to secure their hotel, transfer and flight bookings.

Patricia Yates, Director at Visit England, said: “Britain looks particularly good value at the moment because of the value of the pound. Beach and countryside holidays are growing in popularity and are helped by the rise of glamping and AirBnB.
"Once popular destinations such as Egypt and Turkey now look much less safe than they did in the past so there is already a shift away from those areas. As the market in general is expected to strengthen as parks open again in time for the better weather to hopefully make an appearance this year.

A staggering one in six people in the UK have never holidayed at home, according to research by
But a turbulent 2016 has turned many Britons around to the idea of a staycation.
Two thirds of us are planning a holiday in the UK next year compared to 50 per cent who will take a break abroad.
5.1million Brits have planned an overnight holiday trip in the UK, and a significant proportion of them will head to a holiday or touring park according to VisitEngland’s Bank Holiday Trip Tracker. The holiday period was particularly busy for the UK parks industry, which has been reporting healthy occupancy levels throughout the summer. Parkdean Resorts, for example, said holiday sales were 9% ahead of 2015, with The Caravan Club also reporting increased bookings at its touring sites.
Tour a certain area and take in the top sights from across a wide range of cities and countryside hotspots. Whether you'd like to explore the bustling city of London and its surrounding areas or the rolling Yorkshire Dales, there are plenty of staycation breaks on offer for you to consider. Be sure to create a scrapbook of your memories when you get back - and then plan your next staycation!

Why Brits are choosing staycation?

7.3 million - The number of people holidaying in England in the first quarter of 2016 - a 10% rise compared to the same period in 2015, according to Visit England. 

£245 - Rise in the cost of a holiday for the average family of four, one month on form the Brexit vote, according to TravelSupermarket, due to the fall in the value of the pound

28% - Fall in the number of tourists visiting Turkey from in the year to April 2016

35% - The year-on-year rise in travel firms breaching their terms and conditions, according to Citizens Advice. Examples include providing substandard accommodation, booking customers onto flights that don't exist or swapping people’s holidays without offering them a chance to cancel.

Industry Overview of 2016
2016 has come to a close and it’s certainly been a year to remember! It started with a mild winter, but a disappointing spring coincided with an early Easter, which slowed demand at the same time. Summer featured a rather indifferent start, but fortunately it quickly gave way to warm and dry conditions which continued throughout September and into October. So the good old British weather did come up trumps for the industry in the end, encouraging sales of new and used units nationwide. However, what really dominated the headlines of 2016 was the Brexit result on the 23rd June.

The Brexit result took many by surprise and inevitably created much uncertainty for our country. However there didn’t appear to be much initial negative impact on the market and according to feedback from dealers and manufacturers during the last quarter, this continues to be the case with positivity continuing unabated. Many dealers felt that the NEC show was going to be a good indicator for the 2017 season and feedback was indeed positive overall with some feeling that Brexit could be a benefit to the UK market as it could encourage more people to holiday in the UK and consider entering the leisure industry. Recent world activity continues to be thought to have played a part this year, too, by encouraging a growing number to holiday in the UK. Indeed, a number of dealers have seen an increase in newcomers to the market this year. Also, an increased number of people are choosing caravanning over camping due to the unsettled nature of our weather.

overall, sales have appeared to be steady for the year. New sales appear to have been very strong, with some dealers reporting they have invested in new stock more than ever. It seems the used market has not quite hit the same heights though. Some dealers have reported extreme fluctuations month on month with used sales, but generally speaking are pleased overall. Similar to other caravan areas of the Leisure industry, there is a major stock shortage of good and clean condition used units. This has caused hardship over the last few years and particularly in 2016 but times appear to be changing. Though used stock will continue to be hard to source next year, there seems to be a steady stream of 2012 units becoming available, which will hopefully boost the used sector for 2017. Not only are these homes not particularly old but most will carry the much sought after double glazing and central heating specifications. The vast majority of consumers see that spec as an absolute necessity and due to this the older, around 10 year plus aged units, are fading in popularity the majority of these are non-spec too, so it is no surprise. 2016 has seen the BS3632 standard unit’s sales become much stronger. What with the used stock shortage and the huge desire for consumers to have double glazing and central heating in their holiday homes, purchasing a BS3632 models goes hand in hand. Perhaps 2017 could be the year it really takes off for them? Separate lounges and two bed units have also been popular this year, with feedback from park operators saying the £30-45k price bracket has been vibrant which suggests consumers do have the money to hand.

A key element to this year’s good fortunes has been the weather. The year has been dry and the summer hot, which enticed a lot more people to holiday in the UK and subsequently purchase a holiday home. This could be essential for 2017 to also enjoy a positive year with the consumer mind-set becoming much more confident in the British summertime and annual weather overall. Another huge factor that could result in more investment into the industry is the sad risk of terrorism in formerly popular holiday destinations. “British parks have invested heavily in improving their offering,” Director General of the NCC John Lally explains: ”Better on site facilities, more exciting entertainment, higher quality accommodation all mean that the UK caravan industry has an opportunity to deliver exactly what the British holiday maker wants enormous choice, excellent value - particularly with a weaker Pound - and at home. While caravanning is ideal for frequent short breaks, it also allows costs to be controlled, which is a frequent concern.” According to Visit England research, camping and caravanning holidays offer a lower than average overall cost (£162 vs £247) and also low spend per day (£39 vs £73).

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A little insight into what Lincolnshire can offer


Mablethorpe, Sutton on Sea, Chapel St Leonards and Skegness, all evoke memories of family fun packed bucket and spade holidays. There is also hidden within Lincolnshire fantastic heritage, landscapes and traditions, so whatever the weather and whenever you visit there's no shortage of things to see and do here.
Welcome to Lincolnshire! 2,646 square mile landscape packed with a vast array of magical, natural beauty holding ancient, surpassing architecture dating back to around 1000AD! Take a step back in time and get lost in a county renown for it's history and heritage, explore forgotten castles and become surrounded by a land filled with mysterious arts and culture. However, perhaps shopping is more your bag or maybe a countryside rural retreat? We have a selection of thriving market towns and of course, there’s always an old-fashioned traditional seaside holiday.



Skegness was one of the country's first seaside resorts to welcome visitors and still one of the most popular today. Again winning the Blue Flag award for it's beach, it offers numerous family attractions, fun filled days and exciting nights, why wouldn't you want to visit.
Walk along the front at Skegness and it's a wonderland of family friendly attractions – go-karting, ten-pin bowling, funfair and crazy golf are just some of the activities that will keep you entertained. If you want to kick back and relax then the Compass Gardens is a great place to sit and watch the world go by. If you’re looking for festival and carnival fun then Skegness is home to some amazing events that take place throughout the year. So check our events page to find out about upcoming events taking place. At night you can choose between the big name shows at the Embassy Theatre where you can see stars on the stage throughout week, a visit to the cinema, a drink in a trendy bar or a top quality meal in one of our fine restaurants.

skeg1.jpg skeg2.jpg skeg3.jpg 


Collect your ticket to a fantasy world of entertainment... you're in for a thrilling rollercoaster of a ride, mixing white-knuckle spills and family friendly attractions. 2017 see the new owners, the Mellors Group, refurbishing and investing in excess of £3 million in a number of new rides and attractions. This significant investment includes attractions such as a multi-platform themed indoor mini golf course, an American-style bowling alley and six new junior and family rides to enhance the overall Fantasy Island offering.
The Mellors Group has also announced there will be facelift to Europe’s largest 7-day market. Upgrades in product variation, site presentation and branding have began and aim to complete for March 2018.

It is Ingoldmells that beckoned Billy Butlin way back in 1936 when he was looking to launch his holiday empire and is celebrating 80 years of entertaining visitors. Today Butlins is a very different experience. Chic New England style apartments with wide-screen TVs, whirlpool baths and big name stars. The latest development is Splash Water World where there are thrilling flumes and rides as well as quieter paddling areas perfect for little ones.
Another great family attraction is Hardy’s Animal Farm where adults and children can meet, feed and make friends with the animals. There's also a great outdoor playground and indoor playbarn for children to burn off some energy whilst having heaps of fun. 

ing1.jpg in2.jpg ing3.jpg

Chapel St Leonards

Situated just 7 miles from Skegness, Chapel St Leonards is a popular seaside holiday village. Full of entertainment and things to do, Chapel is fun for all the family. The sheltered beach is a great place for families to spend time enjoying the seaside and the promenade provides a great place for a gentle walk to Chapel Point, once part of the defences during the Second World War.
Chapel village is renowned for its family friendly pubs and is bursting with independent shops and cafes . The fun pool and splash pool at the nearby Robin Hood Leisure Park are always popular choices to burn off some energy and its Club Tropicana nightclub hosts a wealth of entertainment.

Sutton On Sea

The pride and joy of this charming quaint seaside town is its glorious beach which has been attracting holidaymakers since the days of Queen Victoria's reign.
There’s plenty to see and do, be it a gentle stroll along the promenade or some family fun in the Pleasure Gardens where you will find a paddling pool, bowling green and a children’s play area, set against a beautiful backdrop of floral displays.
The High Street is home to a variety of independent shops from butchers to antique shops where you will find first class customer service and a choice of pubs, cafes and restaurants providing a great choice of places to eat.
If you enjoy a spot of carnival fever then make a date to go along to the Sutton on Sea and Trusthorpe Carnival, held at the end of July and draws in crowds from all around.


Mablethorpe has always been a family favourite. With its two mile stretch of golden sand it is the perfect place to while away those long summer days. Stroll along the promenade and you’ll be spoilt for choice with so many places to eat, drink and relax. You’ll also come across our iconic Bathing Beauties beach huts. Discover a giant Gin & Tonic with a straw and a slice of lemonade or the Victorian themed Camera Obscura. Look out for Jabba too – hidden in the sand dunes.
A stone’s throw from the beach, Queens Park offers a chance to relax amongst its neatly manicured gardens while enjoying a leisurely bite to eat at the café. You’ll also find a paddling pool, tennis courts, boating lake, miniature railway and putting green.
Year-round events add to the mix, including the glittering Mablethorpe Illuminations; while in winter or spring, catch exciting beach motorcycling.

The Natural Coast

Discover a different coast where sloping sand dunes embrace mile upon mile of golden sands, a place where nature thrives.
So, it's no surprise that much of it is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). It offers one of the best places in Britain to see breeding grey seals. While each year around a million birds from across the globe migrate along its sandy shoreline.
Located between the coastal strip and the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty you’ll find the Lincolnshire Coastal Grazing Marshes. This nationally threatened habitat supports a diverse variety of wildlife and the distinctive wetland landscape is steeped in a rich cultural history.
The area is also home to the Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park where you can spend time exploring the natural landscape and wildlife. The best way to discover the area is on foot, using a clearly labelled network of footpaths and bridleways.
With a beautiful stretch of sandy, unspoilt beach, Anderby Creek is as delightful as the name suggest and amongst the sand dunes is the ‘Round and Round House’ designed for all-year round bird watching. This is also where you can take a seat at the Cloud Bar, the UK’s first purpose-built cloud viewing platform where you can sit back and enjoy the natural shapes of cloud formations as they drift across East Lincolnshire’s big skies.

The Lincolnshire Wolds

Just a few miles inland, East Lincolnshire boasts the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which makes it a haven for visitors looking to enjoy the English countryside at its best. For over forty years it has been an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, rolling countryside that challenges misconceptions of Lincolnshire being flat.
Hidden valleys, sleepy stone villages and historic market towns... welcome to the Wolds. Exploring the Lincolnshire Wolds and our market towns is a breeze. Choose from leisurely walks to serious treks. Enjoy ‘Walkers are Welcome’ towns, including Horncastle, Market Rasen and Caistor. Each year the Lincolnshire Wolds welcomes thousands of walkers as part of the annual Lincolnshire Wolds Walking Festival, walkers can choose from over 100 walks during this two week festival, with something to suit everyone.
One of the joys of exploring the Lincolnshire Wolds is exploring our historic market towns. There’s Louth, the ‘finest little market town in Britain’ and Horncastle famed for its antiques shops. Charming Alford with its five-sailed windmill hosts regular arts and craft markets.

wolds1.jpg wolds2.jpg wolds3.jpg

Introducing Willerby Innovations

What ARE Willerby Innovations?

Willerby Innovations are a leading provider of innovative off-site modular buildings for the leisure, social and private housing, student and key worker sectors.

A division of Willerby Holiday Homes, founded in 1946, Willerby Innovations was established in East Yorkshire in 2009 as a business dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of high-quality, innovative off-site modular timber frame buildings for the leisure, social and private housing, student and key worker sectors. With almost 70 years’ experience in the industry, at Willerby we pride ourselves on providing a personal level of service and achieving exceptional results no matter how challenging or unusual the project.

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5 Holiday Parks that won't break the bank...

Renting a Caravan is a great way to save money, and for family's to get enjoy time together without breaking the bank. But rather than renting a caravan, have you ever thought about buying one of your own?

Read on to find out how much site fee's would cost in our “5 Holiday Parks that wont break the bank” and then decide how one week at a all singing all dancing Holiday Park compares to one years site fee's, and endless family fun.


Country Meadows Holiday Park - Ingoldmells

Country Meadows is a great place to have your own quiet corner in Lincolnshire, the pitches are set out in Park style with generously spaced plots, with individual car parking right next to the plot and the ability to fit Verandas & Sun decks to the Caravan. All plots are gravelled and slabbed with piped gas, satellite television and BT Phone Lines to each pitch.
It is a strictly non subletting and families only site, which helps to foster a real community feel where you can get to know and see your neighbours throughout the year. Located close to the beaches and entertainments of Ingoldmells and only a short drive to Skegness.
The static park is set well away from the nightly touring pitches in a private setting around the fishing lakes.

Features and Facilities of the park include:

• Well stocked fishing lake.

• Large Children's Play Area

• Barrier & CCTV System for added security.

• Piped Gas (No changing of Gas Bottles).

• Large pitches with good space for deckings.

• Open March - December.

• Short Walk to the Beach.
• Site fee's £2250. (which is equivalent to just  £62 per week, over 9months)

  cm1.jpg cm2.jpg cm3.jpg

Like the look of Country Meadows? Click here for more information


Cherry Lea Holiday Park - Skegness

Cherry Lea Static Caravan Park is located near the family holiday resort of Skegness. It's offers the perfect location for both family holidays and quiet getaways on the fringe of the Lincolnshire countryside. Cherry Lea offers excellent level lakeside space for a holiday home. Enjoy the views of the lake, go for a gentle stroll or a days fishing. Home owners will be assured of a peaceful time whilst on holiday here at Cherry Lea. Located between Skegness and the Lincolnshire countryside owners can fill their days with peaceful walks or a leisurely bike ride through the picturesque scenery.

Features and Facilities of the park include:

• Well stocked private fishing lake.

• Private Parking Bays.

• Piped Gas (No changing of Gas Bottles).

• Large pitches with good space for deckings.

• Open 1st March - 31st November
• Short Walk To Swimming Pool & Golf Course
• 5miles to the Beach.
• Site fee's from only £1,600. (which is equivalent to just  £44 per week, over 9months)

 cl1.jpg cl2.jpg cl3.jpg

Like the look of Cherry Lea? Click here for more information


Chapel Fields Caravan Park - Chapel St Leonards

Chapel Fields is ideally situated on the edge of the holiday entertainments yet offers all the peace of the countryside. We are set within the superb Watermeadows Carp Fishery with fishing lakes to suit all standards of fisherman from 40lb specimen carp down to pleasure fishing in the rush pool. A secure gated entry and entrance provides peace of mind for all guests. Complimentary toilet and shower facilities are found in a brand new amenity block. Chaplefields are a friendly, well run family Caravan Park within a short walking distance from the fun of Chapel St Leonards Beaches and close to all the holiday entertainment found in both Chapel St Leonards and Skegness.

Features and Facilities of the park include:

• Well stocked fishing lake.

• Family Run Caravan Park

• Barrier & CCTV System for added security.

• Piped Gas (No changing of Gas Bottles).

• Large pitches with good space for deckings.

• Open March - December.

• Walking distance to the Beach.
• Site fee's £2250. (which is equivalent to just  £62 per week, over 9months)

Does Chapel Fields appeal to you? Click here for more information


Holivans Holiday Park - Mablethorpe

Holivans is a family run caravan park close in resort of Mablethorpe. For a quiet holiday retreat it provide pitches for privately owned holiday homes as well as a select number of pitches for touring caravans and motorhomes. The Tow Bar above reception is a great place to enjoy a drink in comfortable surroundings, and is open to the public and also has Wifi connection. Holivans are ideally situated adjacent to the most beautiful sand dunes and sea-washed sandy beach which are both perfect for picnics and play.

Features and Facilities of the park include:

• A stones throw to the beach - direct access
• Family Run Caravan Park

• On-site Clubhouse - The Towbar

• Next Door To Golden Sands Resort & Facilities.

• Open March - November.

• Walking distance to the Mablethorpe Town Centre.
• Site fee's £1,830. (which is equivalent to just  £51 per week, over 9months)

Is Holivans in Mablethorpe ideal for you? Click here for more information


Grange Farm Park - Maltby-Le-Marsh

Open 12 months of the year, Grange Farm Park is a small picturesque, exclusive family owned and run park set in the heart of tranquil countryside and just a short drive from Mablethorpe and Skegness. Established 35 years ago, it provides visitors to Lincolnshire with a relaxing and peaceful haven in a home from home environment.
Holiday home and lodge pitches are set out in Park style with generously spaced plots accommodating units as large as 42x20ft, with two car parking spaces right next to each plot and the ability to fit Verandas & Sundecks to the Caravans

Features and Facilities of the park include:

• 12 months openinig 
• Family Run Holiday  Park

• Excellent Fishing - 2 private lakes

• Luxury Lakeside Plots.

• Spacious Concrete Plots with Piped Gas & Private Parking.

• 5mins drive to the Mablethorpe Town Centre.
• Site fee's from £2,600. (which is equivalent to just  £50 per week)


Like the idea of being able to holiday at Grange Farm Park All Year? Click here for more information