Caravan Finance

At TLC we offer finance as a tool to help you purchase your perfect caravan holiday home. We are a registered credit broker and take pride in making sure that you get the very best deal we can offer.

Spreading the cost of your purchase is more popular than ever and choosing a monthly payment that is affordable enables you to purchase the perfect caravan. At TLC we have several finance options available to help you purchase your ideal holiday home.

All of our finance figures are accurate but are for illustration purposes only, we are often able to adjust the deposit and length of the term getting you the perfect monthly payment. To obtain a more accurate quote please fill in this enquiry box and one of our qualified advisors will give you a more detailed quotation.

Once we have completed the relevant checks and offered you credit we will always recommend you take a few hours to compare the financial market, search the Internet and consult your bank. If you find a better rate we will be more than happy to discontinue our credit agreement. This will not slow down the setup process if you have already paid the relevant deposit.

Thanks for everything you have done for all of us, you have given up your free time and days off to help us, we wouldn't have got our dream caravan without you and the cups of tea, hugs & kisses have been lovely please come for tea with us when we are down you will be most welcome but bring your hugs & kisses with you.

Maureen, Ken, Simon and Harry